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Ideal for your flappy friend who has skin disorders, is finicky, off food or requires an additional source of energy, Palamountains’ My Beau Avian is an all-in one multivitamin liquid with Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for total health and liveliness. This dual benefit product drastically improves the digestion of your fine feathered friends, specially exotic birds and provides it with improved feather and skin condition whilst offering quicker moult recovery. While maintaining the overall well-being of your avian, its vital nutrients are directly absorbed into its bloodstream. A highly palatable liquid supplement, it will definitely leave your pet companion craving for more! After all, a healthy bird is a happy bird!


  • Improvements in health and vitality
  • Improved digestion of nutrients
  • Quality/high absorption rates (99.5% absorption rates)
  • Scientifically formulated and tested by Industry Professionals ( Massey University)


  • Suitable For - Birds
  • Quantity - 300 ml


  • Small young birds 5 ml (1 tsp) per 500 gms bird feed.
  • Adult  birds 7.5 ml (1.5  tsp) per 500 gms bird feed.
  • Adult  birds 10 ml (2 tsp) per 500 gms bird feed.


  • Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight between
  • 10-25˚C.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Refrigerate after opening.


Generic NameFeed Supplement for Birds
Net Quantity300
Dimensions8.2 x 5 x 19.3
ManufacturerVitapower Limited
121 Putiki Drive, Whanganui, 4500 New Zealand
Whanganui, Manawatū-Whanganui, New Zealand

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