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A premium, fortified diet for your feathered friend, Vitapols' Food for Cockatiel is a wonderful way to ensure that your pet bird receives a nutritious meal every single day. Enriched with a balanced and delicious mix of seeds and fruit, this specially formulated food is easily digested and helps maintaining your bird’s ideal weight. The addition of nuts actively protects your feathered friends’s immune and nervous system. After all, a healthy cockatiel is a happy cockatiel!


  • Complete easily digestible food, made with high quality seeds and fruits
  • Provides valuable natural vitamins and minerals
  • Addition of nuts acts protectively on the nervous and immune system
  • Maintains ideal weight of birds


  • Weight - 500 gm
  • Suitable for - Cockatiel


  • Yellow millet, red millet, white millet, canary grass, brownie, safflower, sorghum, white, red sorghum, oats, striped sunflower seed, pumpkin shelled hemp, rowan, wild rose, peanut dices, peanut peel, hawthorn, flour corn, raisins, carotene, alfalfa meal.


  • Store in a cool, dry place


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Kobylarnia 20A 86-061 Brzoza k/Bydgoszczy ,Poland
Bronza, Poland - 86-061

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